Phrasal Verbs Practice Exercises

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Phrasal Verbs Practice Exercises

Phrasal Verbs Practice Exercises, english cours bac.

Phrasal Verbs:look up | run out | apply for | make up | take care of | break down | bring about | turned down | fill in | stand for.

1. You should not believe that boy because he can always ____________ excuses when he is late.
2.When students read a text, they can ____________ difficult words in a dictionary.
3.John asked his wife to ____________ the job they advertised on TV.
4.The government has introduced a new plan to ____________ important changes in education.
5.Ali: What does NGO ____________?
6.We should go to the gas station because the car will ____________ of gas soon.
7.Thomas wanted to marry Anna, but she ____________ his marriage proposal.
8.Amina and her sister ____________ their little brother when their mother is at work.
9.Some students did not ____________ the application for correctly. As a result, the administration rejected it.
10.This car is very old. It is a likely to ____________ at any time.

Phrasal Verbs:find out | come up with | fill in | set up | looking forward to | bring about | stands for | come back | apply for | give up

1.You should ____________ your personal information in this application.
2.Next year, I will ____________ a visa to visit USA in summer.
3.My friend is studying business management because he wants to ____________ a company in the future.
4.My uncle lives in France. He has lived there for many years. Next year, he will ____________ to Morocco.
5.The objective of the Moroccan family code is to ____________ some positive changes to the social condition of women.
6.I miss my family so much. I am ____________ seeing them next week.
7.Did you ____________ how this machine works? or no.
8.The initials NGO ____________ non-governmental organizations.
9.My father managed to ____________ smoking when he got married to my mother.
10.After thinking for a long time, some students ____________ brilliant ideas for their projects.

Fill in the blanks with the correct phrasal verbs from the list below:bring up | makes up | put off | give up | broke down | look after | look for | grew up | find out | take up

1.Smith comes late to work every day. He always ____________ stories to justify his mistake.
2.Lena is looking for someone to ____________ her baby when she goes to work.
3.We have not finished the project. As a result, we will ____________ the meeting until next week.
4.I don't know where my keys are! I will ____________ them in the other room.
5.Leila's father is trying to ____________ why she is getting bad marks at school this year.
6.Many Moroccan football players were born and ____________ in European countries.
7.Ali and his wife decided to emigrate to Canada so as to ____________ their children in better life conditions.
8.We did not go to Casablanca last weekend because my friend's car ____________ and he hasn't fixed it yet.
9.If you want to be healthy again, you should ____________ eating fast food and drinking soda.
10.Next summer, I will ____________ running because I want to lose some weight.

IV.Fill in the blanks with the correct phrasal verbs from the list below:set up | find out | make up | agree with | set up | turn down | wakes up | take up | take off | pick up

1.Some students ____________ silly excuses to justify their behaviors in class.
2.I think you need to ____________ a new hobby next holiday.
3.They invited my friend to teach English in China, but he will ____________ the offer since the salary is not very good.
4.He is very punctual. He ____________ at six O'clock every morning.
5.Teacher of English in my school will ____________ a new English club for students to share their creative ideas.
6.I respect his opinion, but I don't ____________ him in that point.
7.Jamila will ____________ a new foundation in Marrakesh to help women and children in need.
8.Although he stayed in Agadir for many years. Khalid did not ____________ any Amazigh words.
9.The plane to Madrid will ____________ at 8:00 am from Marrakesh airport.
10.The ministry of education is doing a research to ____________ the reasons behind dropping out of school in rural areas.

V. Fill in the blanks with the correct phrasal verbs from the list below: keep on | take off | eat out | take place | put on | log in | run away | calm down | show up | back up

1.People must ____________ their shoes before they enter a mosque. It's a way to show respect.
2.It's very cold outside, why don't you ____________ your jacket?
3.I lost my password. I can't ____________ my Facebook account.
4.I accidently deleted all the pictures on my phone. Do you know any application to ____________ the deleted pictures?
5.My friend's wedding celebration will ____________ in five-star hotel in Marrakesh.
6.We should not stop here! we will ____________ walking till we get to a safe place.
7.We have been waiting for Jack for five hours! If he does not ____________, we will just go home.
8.The criminal managed to ____________ before the police arrived at the crime scene.
9.We don't have enough food in the fridge today, we should ____________ in McDonalds.
10.He was very angry! but his friends helped him to ____________ and smile again.