نماذج Writing محتملة باكلوريا 2020 للإستئناس

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نماذج Writing محتملة باكلوريا 2020 للإستئناس

نماذج Writing محتملة باكلوريا 2020 للإستئناس، جميع نماذج Writing حسب الإطار المرجعي 2020.
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🎯 مصطلحات كورونا بالأنجليزية مع تطبيقات في writing 😏💥💣🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️👨‍🔬👨‍⚕️👨‍⚕️👌👌🔥🔥🔥🔥
Corona Terms : مصطلحات الكورونا 😷🗨️
Novel Corona Virus :فيروس كورونا المستجد
Outbreak:اندلاع/ تفشي
Epidemic :وباء
Pandemic :تفشي وباء
Initial spot :البؤرة الأولية
Declare :يعلن /يصرح
Alarming levels : معدلات مزعجة
Severity :حدة /خطورة
Pandemonium :فوضي /هرج
Quarantine:حجر صحي
Self-quarantine : حجر صحي ذاتي
Cordon sanitaire: نطاق الحجر الصحي
Are voluntarily confining themselves by staying at home :يعزلون أنفسهم بإرادتهم بأن يبقوا في البيت
Cut off millions of people:يعزل ملايين البشر
Locations of out break مواقع التفشي
Rope off whole communities:يطوق مجتمعات بأكملها
Curb:يكبح /يطوق
Symptoms:أعراض المرض
Symptomatic cases:حالات مصحوبة بأعراض
Fever :حمي
Officials race to find a solution:يتسابق المسؤولون لإيجاد حل
Incubation period:فترة الحضانة
Apparent signs:دلائل واضحة
Communicable:ِمرض مُعد
Contagion:ِمرض مُعد
Lock-up: اغلاق
Break the cycle of fear:يكسر دائرة الخوف
Zero-sum thinking:تفكير محصلته صفر/تفكير عقيم
Morbidity rate:معدل انتشار المرض
Mortality rate:معدل الوفيات
Social Distancing:التباعد الاجتماعي
Ban gathering:منع التجمعات
A cluster of cases: مجموعة من الحالات
Closure: إغلاق
Houses of worship: أماكن العبادة
Gathering places: أماكن التجمع
Track the way it moves:يقتفي أثره
Take actions:يتخذ إجراءات
COVID-19 an acronym that stands for Corona Virus Disease ,2019:
هو اختصار لمرض فيروس كورونا 2019
Surge capacity: قدرة على التدخل السريع
Communal dining:طعام جماعي
Postmortem:تشريح الجثة
Writing : Covid 19👌🖐💣💥💌💎😷😷😷🤕👨‍⚕️👨‍⚕️👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️👩‍⚕️
● خمس مواضيع إنشائية عن كوفيد 19
على شكل :
√ 2 essays cause effect /opinion : جوج لمقالات
√ 2 letters : جوج درسائل
√ 1 paragraph : فقرة
ركزو على أدوات الربط رجاءا.

Subject :
☆ Write a paragraph that talks about the seriousness of coronavirus.
#نص__الموضوع: اكتب فقرة تتحدث عن خطورة كورونا.
#النموذج :
______Coronavirus, or as it is called, covid-19 has become one of the most killing diseases (فيروس قاتل) of all time. First, it has caused the death of more than 312 thousands people around the world. Second, this virus is contagious (معدي)and can not be seen with eyes because it is microscopic(مجهري) #Consequently, (اذن) many innocent(أبرياء) people are getting infected without knowing it. especially in overcrowded (مكتضة) places. #What_is_more, some people are afraid of dying of hunger(منخائف من الموت الجوع) by staying at home, so they go out shopping (يتبضعون ) in crowds (ازدحام) which is very risky (مخاطرة).All in all, there will be more deaths (الموت) if we didn't stay at home at the moment.
اميل رسالة
#Subject : 1
☆ Write a letter to your friend James in America, talking about the state of the epidemic (وباء) in our country, Morocco, and asking him about the state of their country.
#نص__الموضوع: اكتب رسالة الى صديقك جيمز بالديار الأمريكية تتحدث له عن حالة الوباء ببلادنا المغرب و تسأله عن حال بلادهم
Dear James,
Hello, how are you and your family? I hope that you are doing well.
I am writing this letter to tell you about the coronavirus situation here in Morocco. #Actually,(في الحقيقة) the virus is not widespread (منتشر بكثرة) as in the United states. #But, people have started worrying about each other here. #As you know, (كما تعلم)the quarantine is taking more time than expected.#Besides,(بالإضافة إلى ذلك) the number of the confirmed cases(الحالات المؤكدة) is not getting down. Schools are locked, (مغلقين) #and it is forbidden(ممنوع) to go out.(الخروج) I know that all these measures (تدابير) are meant to keep us safe, #but I really miss my friends and my other family members. How about you? How is the quarantine(الحجر الصحي) going in America?
I look forward to hearing from you as soon.
Best wishes.
#Subject : 2
Write a letter to one of your friends in which you give some tips and solutions to reduce the spread of Covid 19.
#الموضوع 2 :
أكتب رسالة لأحد أصدقائك حيت تعطي فيها بعض النصائح و الحلول التي يمكنها أن تحد(أو تقلل) من انتشار كوفيد 19
Dear Friend,
Hello, I hope everything's alright with you and your family. I'm writing this letter so as to give you some solutions and peices of advice that must be taken seriously to combat the spread of the so called Covid 19.
_____First and foremost, people should not panic so much to the point of being paranoid and overly terrified (خائفين بشكل مبالغ) , with that being said this could affect their psychological and, mental health negatively.(بشكل سلبي) #Hence(لذلك), exaggerated attitudes are to be avoided as they only exacerbate the problem. #On_the_other_end_of_the spectrum, #despite the ferocious syndromes(الأعراض الخطيرة) and the detrimentally ravaging aftereffects of this perilous pandemic,(الوباء الخطير) some short-sighted people still ramble the streets(الشوارع) aimlessly(بدون هدف) without even pondering the catastrophic outcomes ( عواقب وخيمة) of their rushing indifference.(لامباتهم) People should get this through their thick skull and think about it this way; if we choose to willingly violate the curfew(قانون حذر التجول) and disrespect the precautionary measures ( التدابير الوقائية ) given by the state, we will be held accountable for murdering (قتل) thousands of innocent human beings.( ناس أبرياء ) #Subsequently, we must stop going out merely for pleasure #lest we transmit the virus to those who have a fragile immune system.(نظام منعاتي ضعيف) Moreover, We ought to wash(نغسل) our hands more frequently to make sure we're safe from this deadly pandemic. ( الوباء القاتل )
______On the whole, as the youth of Morocco we are required to actively engage in a new urgent tactic. Every citizen who is not capable(غير قادر) of being mature enough to acknowledge the seriousness (خطورة) of the situation must be systematically targeted by citizens before law enforcement through social media in any available means. Both The government and society should cooperate and put hand in hand to protect (لحماية) our lives (حياتنا) and the lives of others.(وحياة الآخرين)
Sincerely yours
#ESSAY : مقال

☆ Subject :
Write an essay about the new Corona virus, in which you talk about some of the causes of its spread and its results..
#نص__الموضوع: اكتب نص مقالي عن فيروس كورونا المستجد تتحدث فيه عن بعض أسباب إنتشاره و نتائج ذلك .( مقدمة عرض خاتمة)

#النموذج :
______The coronavirus is today's most dangerous disease(فيروس خطير). It is one of the sicknesses that showed up (ظهرت في)in China by the end of 2019. So what are its causes and effects?
_____Covid 19 can basically be transmitted (ينتقل) from one person to another #because it is contagious(معدي). #Actually, anyone can be affected by this virus no matter what their age is. #Moreover, (بالإضافة إلى ذلك) it is spreading very quickly (ينتشر بسرعة) so most people are freaking out (يهلعون). #In_addition, (إضافة على ذلك) until today there is no vaccine (لقاح) for it. #That__is__why, (لهذا) people must stay at home, clean their hands so often. They have also to change their clothes and put the medical muzzle (الكمامة) in order to avoid being infected ( تصاب بعدوى ) by this disease.
_____#Talking_about_the_effects, covid 19 has a great danger on old people and the ones with diabetes (مرض السكري)or another illness. #Furthermore,(ايضا) coronavirus has resulted in total lockdown or what is called the quarantine(الحجر الصحي). That means everyone should stay at home #because streets(الشوارع) are no longer safe.(غير آمن) Schools are closed as well as companies( الشركات) and factories.(مصانع) So, lots of people lost (خسروا) their jobs(عملهم) and their families (عائلات) are starving.( يتدورون جوعا ) That's why the government provided them with financial support(الدعم المادي من طرف الحكومة).
_____To sum up,(في الختام) covid 19 has a number of causes and effects. Though some people have stayed at home, the virus is still spreading all over the world causing a huge number of deaths.
Subject : 2
☆ write an essay that talks about the danger of Covid-19 and some of the precautionary measures that ought to be taken to get rid of this epidemic.
#نص_الموضوع : اكتب نص مقالي حيث تتحدث فيه عن مدى خطورة كوفيد و بعض الإجراءات الوقائية التي يمكن اتخادها للقضاء على هذا الوباء.
_____Coronavirus disease is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered virus with additional features that make it the most dangerous illness in today's world.
_____The best way to prevent and slow down transmission is to be well informed about the COVID-19, to know its causes and how it spreads rapidly. We ought to protect ourselves and others from infection by washing our hands every now and then, we should also avoid touching our faces. This virus spreads primarily when an infected person coughs or sneezes, so it’s important that we keep ourselves distant from others when we feel like coughing or sneezing. Unfortunately, At the current time there are no specific vaccines or treatments for COVID-19. However, there are some certain clinical rituals patients have to go through to weaken the virus and eventually remove it all from the body. With all honesty, the real threat is not in the virus itself after all. rather, it's actually demonstrated in the huge number of patients and the speed by which the virus spreads in the world. As hospitals become full, the remnant patients, especially the ones with weak immune system, will remain helpless and may suffer or even die.
______To summrize, this virus is not as risky as it seems like, we only have to act wisely. Nevertheless, this unprecedented virus will remain a horrifying nightmare to the world and shall never be forgotten.
بالنجاح إن شاء الله
🛑Topic : write a paragraph about the importance of the internet in your life .
أكتب فقرة عن أهمية الأنترنت في حياتك.

It is true that Internet is not perfect at all, but its advantages outnumber its disadvantages for the following reasons. First of all, it is thanks to the Internet that if we are far away from home, we can see our family and friends and chat with them despite the distances that might separate us from each other. Another reason is the fact that internet helps us a lot with our studies because it facilitates access to different fields of knowledge . Furthermore , Internet has made life easier since we can send and receive messages instantly, and we can even do the shopping via Internet. These reasons are enough to value the importance of Internet in our lives.

✅#writing: Cause and effect.
✅إنشاء : الأسباب و النتائج .

🛑Topic: You have recently read a lot about the phenomenon of brain drain in a magazine. Write a letter to the editor suggesting some measures that may solve the problems or at least reduce (decrease) its negative effects.
🛑الموضوع : قرأت الكثير مؤخرا عن ظاهرة "هجرة الأذمغة" في جريدة . أكتب رسالة للمحرر مقترحا بعض التدابير التي يمكنها أن تحل أو على الأقل تقلل من النتائج السلبية لهذه الظاهرة .

#النموذج :
Dear Editor,
I was so interested in your articles about the brain drain phenomenon which have recently been published in your magazine. Therefore, I would like to suggest some measures that could be taken in order to solve this serious problem.
Firstly, the government should provide not only high wages and salaries but also better living and satisfactory working conditions. Secondly, it ought to improve the quality of educational system in addition to providing equal opportunities and eradicating/fighting discrimination in appointments and promotions. Also, social rest and political stability may help reduce the negative effects of brain drain.
I think that underdeveloped countries, where especially the phenomenon takes place, have to start taking serious measures so as to at least reduce the effects of this phenomenon.
Yours sincerely.

✅#writing: for and against essay.
✅إنشاء : مقال مع أو ضد .
🛑Topic: ” Are you for or against voluntary work?
🛑الموضوع : هل أن مع أو ضد العمل التطوعي ؟

#النموذج :
”Voluntary work is an optional labour and a great way to get work experience, learn new skills and help a community .However, this kind (type) of work is unpaid. /volunteers don’t get paid from voluntary work.

On the one hand, voluntary work can teach you skills, build your confidence and make you feel responsible. Furthermore, it allows us to help others and serve the society. In addition, it is an opportunity for making friends and knowing new people from different backgrounds. Last but not least, it is an important experience which we could add to our CVs.

On the other hand, volunteers are not paid for their time and effort. Moreover, they often have to make sacrifices. Also, voluntary work doesn’t leave much time for school, family and other obligations in addition to stress if the volunteer has to make a lot of effort.
In conclusion, there are many arguments both for and against voluntary work. As for me,
If I had an opportunity to participate in a voluntary work, I wouldn’t hesitate, voluntary work is an interesting experience that everyone should have.


✅ #Descriptive essay.
🛑Topic: Write about an experience you had as a primary student. Talk about your school, friends, teachers, etc.
✅ #مقال_وصفي :
🛑الموضوع : اكتب عن تجربتك عندما كنت تلميذا في المدرسة الإبتدائية، تكلم عن مدرستك، أصدقائك، أساتذتك ...
#النموذج :
Going to school for the first time.Attending school for the first time is an important experience that almost everyone had.
On that day, I got up early, took my breakfast and put on/wore my new clothes. But, I refused to go to school and started crying. My parents managed to convince me at last, by saying good things about school.
When we got to the school door, there were many children with their parents too. Then, the bell suddenly rang, the parents left and all the kids went into the school. My heart was beating too fast since I was afraid of the teacher. Seeing the classroom for the first time is also an incredible moment that I couldn’t forget. There were an old black board, a lot of pieces of chalk, desks and several beautiful pictures of animals and fruit which were decorating the walls of the classroom. Just as the teacher welcomed the kids with a huge smile and a sweet sounding voice, my fear began to disappear and I started liking school and getting accustomed to the new school ambiance since then.
Going to school for the first day will remain one of the nicest souvenirs that I have ever had, and that I will always keep in my mind.


🛑Topic: Advances in science and technology play an important part in man’s life.
Write an article to an English newspaper about some of these advances and their benefits on man’s life.
🛑الموضوع : تقدم العلم و التكنولوجيا يعلب دورا مهما في حياة الإنسان. أكتب مقالا لصحيفة بريطانية عن بعض هذه التطورات و عن بعض فوائدها على حياة الإنسان

Dear Editor,
I am very interested in the subject of advances in science and technology and their impact on human's life, and I would like to share my point of view with the readers.

Man has managed to develop numerous tools in science and technology that are fundamental in people’s daily life at almost all levels. Some of these means, for example, are computers, laptops and cell phones. They help us have access to information through different sites in the internet. Also, they are very useful means for not only communication with other people from far distances by sending messages in a short time, but also for phoning in emergency cases. Furthermore, at the economic level, credit-cards allow us to draw money from the bank at any time and place, and shop in addition to shopping. At last but not least, at the health field, several developed tools contribute in treating a lot of dangerous diseases, and saving time too.

To sum up, advances in science and technology are basic for humankind so as to improve his quality of life. Yet, he should use them in the correct way so that he can avoid bad consequences to happen.
Yours sincely


🛑#topic :Computer addiction, cause and effect.
🛑موضوع : إدمان الحاسوب، الأسباب و النتائج .

#النموذج :
Computer addiction is the fact that the one becomes dependent on using computer. It also covers the internet and video games.
People could have addictive personality if they spend too much time on computers surfing the net, playing games or even watching TV. Consequently, social relationships could be deteriorated as other parts of the addict feel that they are neglected. Furthermore, so many people have lost their jobs and too much money due to using computers at work chatting or gambling online.
Moreover, some children can suffer from computer addiction since they spend too much time playing online games. Therefore, they behave angrily if they are forbidden to play games. As a result, this could lead to diminished social skills and deterioration of the user’s quality of life.
In order to treat this new phenomenon, time spent on computers should be limited. Furthermore, children ought to be watched by their parents allowing them no more than one hour per day.


✅ #Writing: Formal letter.
✅انشاء : رسالة إدارية

🛑Topic: Write An article to a school magazine about the causes that push students to taking up smoking, and the effects that might have on their lives.
🛑الموضوع : اكتب مقالا لمجلة مدرسية عن الأسباب التي تدفع التلاميذ إلى التدخين، و النتائج التي يمكن أن يسببه التدخين على حياتهم,

Dear Sir,
I was very interested in your article about smoking, and I would like to share my opinion with the readers of your magazine.
Smoking is a dangerous problem that is increasing among people day after day, especially students. Firstly, I think that young people take up smoking due to some social problems like poverty. They think that smoking cigarettes help them forget their problems. Also, bad friends who smoke are a factor which contributes to this phenomenon.
On the other hand, taking up smoking can have serious consequences on smokers’ health. For example, it is too bad for teeth. Furthermore, it may lead to serious diseases such as lung cancer and heart attacks. Also, it may have negative effect on their social lives because smoking may deteriorate families’ relationships if parents know that their son or daughter smokes. In brief, smoking phenomenon is just not only a waste of money and health but also a slow death and destruction of the society.
Therefore, students must/should stop smoking immediately by practicing sport, avoiding bad friends acquaintance, stress and sitting in cafes.


🛑Topic: send an E-mail to a friend describing a wedding ceremony that you attended lately, using transitional expressions.
🛑الموضوع : أرسل رسالة إيميل لصديق واصفا له حفل زفاف حضرت له مؤخرا، باستعمال عبارات تقليدية .

#النموذج :
Dear Mark,
Thank you much for your last letter. I’m glad to write to you again, hoping you and your family are well.
I’m writing to tell you about my cousin’s wedding ceremony which I attended last Saturday. It took place at a four-star hotel in Rabat. First, the invited people such as families, relatives, friends and neighbours as well, began to arrive at around 9 holding gifts. Everyone was nicely dressed at that night. Then, the dinner was served. It was very delicious especially roast chicken. When people finished eating, the musical band started playing various kinds of music, particularly popular. Everybody was happy as they enjoyed listening to music and dancing while having tea and cakes. Also, so many pictures were taken with the bride and the groom who were both looking beautiful since they were wearing, from time to time, traditional dresses of different Moroccan regions. In brief, I have sent you, in addition to the mail, a video that I took with my own mobile phone during the ceremony, in order that it would give you a clear view about our wedding traditions and customs, that are deeply rooted in our culture.
Finally, I hope that you’ll like the Moroccan marriage party.
Your friend .


🛑Topic : Describe a friend of yours .
🛑الموضوع : صف صديقا لك .

#النموذج :
Maryam is a student. She has been my intimate friend since we were in primary school. She's a tall and slim young girl with dark hair. She has brown small eyes and she always wears casual clothes . She's got a great sense of humor and she always makes me laugh . She's a very generous and sensitive person. Everybody likes her for her modesty and sociability. I'm glad to have such a good person like Maryam as a friend. I really enjoy her company and I'm sure that we'll always be close friends